Women’s Personal Fitness Training

Lets Face Facts…

Getting Control of your health and fitness

can feel challenging

Everyday we speak to women who tried everything to get in shape, Calorie counting, bootcamps, detoxing, running, cleanses, fasting, all kinds of drastic measures to gain the body they feel confident in. But after some short term results they gain all the weight back and then some. Over the last decade we’ve helped women over 40 reclaim their health, lose weight and feel better in just 3 hours per week. Here’s how…

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Get (and Keep) the body and confidence you want

Coaching starts with carving out some you time. Your coach will learn about your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals. Then, over the course of the program, we’ll give you everything you need to look, feel, and perform better than you thought possible.


The approach that fits you will be crafted specifically to fit your body and your lifestyle and at a pace you feel ready to make it. 

If you've tried to tone up and get heathy more than 5 times already you’re not a failure. You’re tenacious. We've helped 1000's of women just like you become fitter stronger and healthier than ever.

FInally - A gym That fits your body and your life

We use a sustainable, research proven approach to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time. instead of pushing you to lift heavy, the focus will be on really listening so we can create the supportive environment you need to keep going. 


The result? You’ll lose the weight (and inches) you haven’t been able to shed for years. You’ll develop a better relationship with food. You’ll tone up, regain your health and fitness so you get more living out of life

elite gym
elite gym

COaches who really listen

Work with the best in Ireland that dedicate their professional lives to helping women like you tone up, regain their health and feel fitter than ever using a holistic approach rather than a weight focus. 


We’re experts at delivering the personal care and attention you need to help support and direct you every step of the way on your journey to a happier healthier and fitter you.  

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