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Whether you’ve never been in a gym, or you’ve been round the block and not found what you’re looking for yet. Either way, you know what you don’t want; some trainer smashing you in a session so you can’t make it down the stairs, or wasting time going to the gym, not knowing what you’re doing with topless posers taking selfies in the mirror beside you.


It all starts with you, just like it should do, cause your goals your abilities and your priorities are whats most important when it comes to making the progress you want and at the speed you’re ready to make it.
A sustainable approach one day at a time so you finally find what fits your body and your life.


With the right coach and the right plan built specifically around your lifestyle, real lasting results are truly possible.
So, you’ve a tailored plan, a coach to guide you and, a group of no more than 6 like minded people to support, and motivate you along the way. Because training together is simply better.


A tailored plan suited to your lifestyle a coach to guide you, all delivered in the supportive dynamic of the group
This isn’t just opinion; Research shows facing challenges in a group environment increases performance, raises enjoyment levels and ultimately promotes adherence.
In our experience training together is simply better cause you have the focused attention of a coach when needed to help nail a lift safely without the pressure or intensity of one to one.
Group doesn’t mean cookie cutter either, your wants and your needs come first. So you’ve all the benefits of having a coach who listens and understands but with the added advantage of the support and motivation that comes from training with a group.


Individual focus + group dynamic
Go one-to-one for extra focus


Go to work, and get it back
Take control, look great, feel alive


Anyone who wants to improve their fitness, get stronger or lose weight can benefit from personal training. And at W10, we make it accessible for all. If you think you’re not the type of person who has a personal trainer, think again. We all need help to kick start any new habit and maintain it long-term. So, if you’re new to the gym, personal training at W10 is for you. If you’ve lost your gym mojo, then it’s also for you. If you want to be pushed to the limits you can’t reach yourself, then give it try. If you want to be inspired and have fun whilst exercising, then W10’s Small-group Personal Training is the way to go.
Personal training can be hugely beneficial for everyone, but how it helps depends on who you are. If you’re exercising regularly but not seeing the results, a personal training coach will help you progress with your exercises in the most effective way. Plus, they’ll give you the motivation, support and accountability to take you to new levels. If you’re new to exercise, an important benefit of a personal trainer is that they’ll make sure you learn exercises correctly and safely. If you’ve suffered an injury, a personal training programme is an ideal way to help you rehabilitate, improve mobility and build your strength in the areas that need work.
You might feel you can achieve your fitness goals on your own, but the main problem is that you’re unique. When you exercise with a fitness professional, they’ll create a safe programme around your specific goals and fitness level, based on an initial assessment. Motivation is also an issue; your will power just isn’t enough. With our dedicated personal training coaches, you get an ally who drives you with encouragement and live feedback, monitoring your accountability and progress all the way.
Without a doubt. And not just by helping you get the physical results you want. Exercising regularly with the support of a professional will keep your mind positive and strong which, in turn, will make you feel happier and more confident. Plus, while you train with us, you’re gaining invaluable exercise knowledge that you’ll have for the rest of your life.
At W10, every training session or class you take is run by one of our expert personal trainers. And our Small-group Personal Training sessions are held on the hour, every hour, so you have the flexibility to work out when it suits you. Compare this to hiring a one-to-one personal trainer once a week, and you can see that our approach is the best way to build momentum and reach your goals.
Yes. You’ll get a personal nutrition plan as part of your training programme, and every gym membership includes access to a package of nutrition resources. As well as helping with weight loss, a healthy diet is a fundamental part of your fitness journey.
Yes. All our personal training programmes are complemented by expert nutrition support. Controlling what you eat, combined with the right types of exercise will help you burn more calories and, ultimately, lose weight.
Yes, we have a dedicated online training studio, and your ‘at home’ sessions will be led by one of our expert coaches. They’ll monitor your performance and progress with the same rigour and care you’d receive in your face-to-face sessions.
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