3 Hours per Week is all it Takes to Wind Back The body Clock

turn back the body clock

3 Hours per Week is all it Takes to Wind Back The body Clock

"I'm feeling and moving in ways I never thought possible and there’s no end in sight"

Says Busy Mum of 4 who feels years younger

I was 38 but, felt like 70.  

I was severely overweight, which caused daily aches and pains all over my body that sapped my energy making me lethargic and well, grumpy.

I don’t know If you’ve ever felt this way?

I was just in a really bad place both physically and mentally.

It got so bad at times I didn’t even want to play with the kids

I felt like it was all pointless like there was no getting better. I’d given up on life.

I knew something had to change

But, when I used to think of gyms

I had an image in my head of everyone in there being Buff.

All full of muscles doing a million burpee’s. Such a depressing mental picture

Where it would be yet another failed attempt at making a change that I’d let myself down on because I simply didn’t fit in.

I thought I’d be judged for being overweight.  

I though I’d never be fit enough or, “good” enough

I had images of being the biggest one in there. Not being able for anything. The thoughts of being humiliated in front of a gym full of people were a worry.

But none of that frightened me

As much as staying the way I was.

I’d had enough of that and wasn’t prepared to live another day that way feeling powerless and doing nothing about it. I prepared myself for the experience

Comforted myself with “It will all be worth it in the end”

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“When I used to think of gyms I had an image in my head of everyone being buff and full of muscles doing a million burpee’s.”

Karen Athrefold



But nothing could prepare me for what actually happened

From the first day I walked into Elite;

I wasn’t judged.

I didn’t look out of place

I wasn’t in a room full of young ones. But, most of all the biggest shock was;

I was listened to.

That’s ^^ what stuck out most

“They really listened so they could understand me as a person first, before we went anywhere near the gym floor. Then everything the guys did with me was tailored specifically to my abilties, my needs and, my lifestyle.”

When we did hit the gym

The coach was right by my side

Instead of being humiliated and looking stupid, I had someone looking after me every step of the way, showing me exactly how to do what I needed to and on a programme built specifically for and tailored to me.

It was nothing like a big commercial gym

Where you’ve young lads throwing weights around or taking photos of themselves for Instagram. I was surrounded by people just like me.

Im not going to say it was easy

Because we did do some exercise

Which was a shock to my body in the beginning. I woke up the next day aching. But It was different to what I was used to.

This wasn’t pain from inactivity

And my body breaking down and giving out.

This felt like I had awakened muscles that I hadn’t used in years. More like shaking off the cobwebs and somehow that felt “good”

Over the next month I made sure I went 3 times each week like they recommended.  

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“Just 3 hours a week is all it takes to make new habits that over time begin to wind back the body clock.”

Karen Athrefold



Each time I went? The next day I’d feel dfferent aches in different areas and I’l be honest it took some getting used to.

But this began to spur me on

Because I could actually feel I was challenging my body and these aches and pains where a reminder that I was working it, not letting it deteriorate.

It took until about week 3 I think

When I really began to notice the difference.

It turns out drinking more water, being more careful what I ate and exercising was tiring me out (like it should do) so I slept better and sounder.

And that’s what I felt most.

“I was walking up feeling fully refreshed, re-energised and ready for the day …I hadn’t felt like that in years.”

My mood was better, lighter it seemed and that weekend I decided I wanted to go go out for a hike with the family. That’s something I’d never had done before I started. I just didn’t have the energy or the fitness.

That’s when I knew I had to continue.

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“I was walking up feeling fully refreshed, re-energised and ready for the day …I hadn’t felt like that in years.”

Karen Athrefold



To me the “turning point” if you like

Was when I wanted the weights I was lifting to go UP

And it wasn’t about the numbers on the scale and my own physical weight anymore.

It was; “WOW I’m starting to feel stronger”

The best feeling I’ve ever felt is feeling strong and, to feel that way I don’t get it from anything else. So I started to focus more on that

And every week I could see I was getting stronger cause I was able to lift a little more weight than before, So I started to focus so much more on those numbers cause I could see those numbers increase week by week.

And the by product of that was my energy returned fully, my weight came down as well.

All while I was focusing on just getting healthy.

If you’ve read this far and if any of this is making sense to you?

Then I want to tell you the catalyst for change that inspired me so that it may help you too.

Every day is a chance to turn things around. So why not chose today to start

You know those assumptions everyone makes everyone makes when they come into a gym and believes that everyone looks a certain way and behaves a certain way? That’s not the case here.

You’ve a mix of loads of different people and abilities

We all just have a laugh

I never thought I’d say this about a gym but this place isn’t any normal gym,  

I’m feeling and moving in ways I never thought possible and there’s no end in sight.

I’m improving on a weekly basis . The weight loss aside and yes I am proud of it (down 19kg / 42lbs / 3stone) I’ve found a love in lifting and feeling strong.

When I started I could barely lift a 7kg dumbbell. I’m now deadlifting 95kg, will see the 100s club this week, squatting 35kg

I wouldn’t have achieved what I’ve achieved without the support of the wonderful coaches at Elite, the gym buddies that make the sessions fun and full of laughs and also my hubby for joining me on the journey.

I really hope my story can inspire someone to take control the same way. Give it the 28 days, i’m pretty certain your only regret will be you didn’t do it sooner.



elite gym

✅ 1-2-1 Consultation. So we find out exactly what you need and want in terms of your health and fitness.

✅ Two 1-2-1 PT sessions, So you get the full support of a coach when starting your fitness

✅ A specific program built around your needs/wants and ability.

✅ 28 days of coaching in our private gym in Blackrock

✅ Access to over 30 small group sessions, so you can book what time is convenient for you.

✅ Nutrition support that meets you where you are at. Nobody wants to give up what they enjoy or live on chicken and broccoli for weeks.

✅ Train alongside people just like you, experience training in a small group, with individualised coaching and attention.

Jason Kane

Jason Kane

Im Jay, and I've been coaching for over 13 years now and I've trained people from every walk of life you can imagine so, whatever you’re struggling with, I've seen it all before. I know exactly how to meet you where you’re at and I'm ready to support, direct and, guide you every step of the way.

Brilliant gym!

Not like big commercial gyms that just want your money. Coaches are bang on and help you in every way. Nutrition, workouts even with injuries From losing the weight to toning and bulking up these guys get great pleasure in getting you your results. Highly recommended

Nev O'Rourke
Full Time Ninja

This is not your ‘normal’ gym.

These guys are well educated, highly engaged and pride themselves on their coaching and support. They tailor plans to the individual, review goals on an ongoing basis and are always on hand to support and advise. Cannot recommend highly enough!

David Reynolds
Partner Deloitte

with me every step of the way..

(The team at Elite) with words of encouragement, advice, positivity. I've just hit my weight loss goal of >10kg. I feel so much better in lots of ways, stronger (already), more energy, less tired. You may be sceptical about these things (as I was before), but if you put your trust in it, be honest with yourself, and more importantly, make yourself accountable, you CAN do it, as I did. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!!!

Kieran Halton
Canoe Pilot
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