That Was The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done, Can’t Wait To Do It Again

By Sean Redmond

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In the photo above you see 4 normal people, that happen to be members of our gym. 


Cathy is a busy mother of 2
Katie manages one of the biggest retail shops in Ireland
Emma is a full time student and part time chef
Julie regularly works up to 14 days without a day off
(From left to right)


If you told them 6 months ago that they would be standing on a podium, in 2nd place, at a fitness race. They would have called you mad as a box of badgers….
But there they are.


They’re not “gym bunnies”
They don’t spend 8 hours a week in the gym
They don’t live like Buddisht monks that have given up all of the worldly pleasures in the pursuit to become the embodiment of everything health and fitness


So I hear you ask….How did they get there?

It all started with a question


What’s harder?… Getting Fit? Or Being unfit?

They’re both hard. 

Being unfit & carrying an extra 15kg makes a lot of day to day tasks hard. Tying your shoes, taking the stairs, chasing the kids.

Getting fit requires hard work and dedication to willingly make yourself uncomfortable.

You have to choose your hard.

We’ve recently had members of our gym complete all manner of HARD things in the last 2 weeks

  • “Hyrox” fitness race
  • “Great Ireland Run” 10k race
  • “Sisu” 12 hour endurance challenge
  • Full stories on these events, coming next week

None of the people that took part are “Gym Bunnies” or super athletes. Matter of fact they are normal people.

From busy Mothers & Fathers, teenagers still in school, funeral directors, students, managers in MNCs to people that love more than a few pints. 

These are everyday people choosing to do things not because they are easy but because they are hard.

So why did they do it? Why did they choose to get uncomfortable and do the hard things?

In this 2 part blog I’ll share with you

  1. The reason why & the benefits of doing hard things 
  2. Some incredible stories of these guys and what they accomplished.
  • “Hyrox” fitness race
  • “Great Ireland Run” 10k race
  • “Sisu” 12 hour endurance challenge
  • Full stories on these events, coming next week


Well because CHOOSING to do hard things allows you to create the life you want.

When you choose to do something hard you earn the right to reap the rewards of it. 

If you work your ass off for 40 hours a week at work, at the end of the month you enjoy the paycheck…. 

If you take the easy road and don’t go to work, no paycheck to enjoy.

One is harder in the now (work) one is harder in the future (no money to spend on expensive clothes for your dog) 

Doing hard things sets you apart, makes you remarkable. 

Doing hard things gives you a sense of pride, accomplishment and community.

Most importantly,

People often think about change and improving their situation as hard.

They fail to notice how hard it is to continue living the way they are. 

If you have control over what’s “hard” to you, you’re in the driving seat… 

If day to day tasks in life are already hard, you’re the passenger. Your body is making choices for you, not the other way around. 


If the latter is you, maybe it is time to try something hard.



Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself

When we want to get to know someone we spend time with them, why is it any different for yourself?

Spending time in your own head when you’re doing something hard is invaluable and is something we do less and less of. It’s hard to be alone these days. A phone in your pocket should anyone need you. Then even when you are alone you occupy yourself with a podcast, those annoying lads on radio, doom scrolling social media.

Well when you do something truly hard, all of those things go away. It is you vs you. 

You’re working so hard that you can’t concentrate on anything else except what to do next.

2. Improves self confidence, contentment & gratitude

Everytime you complete something hard it adds to your confidence. You’re building a reserve of confidence that gives you ambition to go on and try new things. To bring yourself to things you never thought you could do. Whether that is completing your first 10k race at the age of 50 or coming second at “Hyrox” malaga.

The more hardship you willingly put yourself through the more you understand that you create your own success and opportunities in life. When you realize that your success and happiness are up to you, there is no one to blame for your failures. 

That shift in perspective allows you to appreciate what you have. You completed a 5k park run in an hour and it was hard… Remember that you willingly were able to do it. When you think of it like that it’s hard not to be grateful, as there are so many people who can’t.

3. When you earn it, you appreciate it

Compare that first sip of Guinness to celebrate the completion of something hard


The first sip to drown your sorrows after a crap week in the office.

No question the first one is something everyone prefers.

The drink is the same but they are worlds apart in how they make you feel. 

When you work for something you earn it, no strings attached and no guilt.

When something comes easy, there’s always a catch…. Always something nagging at the back of your mind “I know I shouldn’t”

Or as we say in Elite Gym,

“If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention”

How many times have you gotten something for free and never used it? Betcha downloaded a free workout plan, recipe book or nutrition plan, looked at it once and never opened it again. I know i have.

There is no buy in, you don’t have skin in the game…. When you pay good money for something you make sure to get your money’s worth from it.

If you’re ready to start paying attention to your health and fitness so that you can do the hard things and get more living out of life click the link below


We understand life can get a bit crazy. We believe that what you do inside the gym should add to your life rather than take away from it.


What you want is a coach that listens and understands. A coach that will give support and guidance not a drill sergeant like the dude in Full Metal Jacket


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