I get asked all the time “What’s the secret to getting results”

That could be… losing weight, building strength and muscle, running a marathon or recovering from an injury.

The average person might think it’s all about “GOALS”

Without goals you are lost right? Well kinda… see once you say what it is you what, that’s the goal.

“I’d love to fit into my old “32 inch waist 501 jeans” well then the goal is weight loss.

We all have goals. And what’s the first thing most of us think about when we consider how to achieve those goal?

“I need to get motivated.”

“If only I had the willpower”

“I need to get in the Zone”

There’s what you’re gonna learn in this post.

 – What 73% of insta peeps see as their biggest health obstacle, Psst… It’s NOT

– What science says about why you fail to achieve your goals and what you can do about it.

– The only two reasons goals breakdown… No. 2 might surprise you!!!

– One simple trick to make exercise easy even if you don’t feel motivated.

– The easiest way to get back on track FAST when you fall off the wagon.

In an instagram poll I ran over the weekend 73% of people picked motivation as their biggest health obstacle.

Instagram Poll: What’s your biggest health obstacle?

The crazy thing, that will surprise you motivation isn’t what people are lacking or what they need.

I’m going to share a research study that reveals why motivation isn’t the key to helping you achieve your goals and offers a simple strategy that actually works.

The best part? This highly practical strategy has been scientifically proven to double or even triple your chances for success.

Here’s what you need to know first…

Why Don’t People Take the Necessary Action To Achieve Their Goals?

If we knew what stopped people achieving their goals in the first place,  we could help them make a better plan to achieve their goals right?

So let’s start there, what is a goal? and what’s stopping people from taking the action to achieve those goals?

A goal is a desired outcome. Plain and simple.

When you set a goal you’re giving yourself instructions to perform certain behaviour in order to achieve your desired outcome.

The problem is that most people fail to follow the instructions that they give themselves.

They don’t do the behaviour what will get them closer to the goal.

They fail to take action.

Peter Gollwitzer is a Professor of Psychology at New York University. His research centre on how goals and plans affect cognition, emotion, and behaviour.

According to Gollwitzer , this failure to follow your own plans, or the breakdown between goals and actions, can manifest in one of two forms:

  1. You set a goal, but then you don’t get started on it (you need help with action initiation). {I’ll start on Monday, but Monday never comes}
  2. You set a goal and you get started on it, but then you get pushed off track (you need help maintaining goal directed behaviour). {Feast – Famine, Monday to Friday perfect diet then the weekend binge kicks in}

These two failures to of behaviour are explained below.

Failure to Get Started With Your Goal

Why do people set a goal and then fail to get started taking the necessary action in order to achieve their goal?

This happens for three reasons you…

  1. Forget to take the necessary action.
  2. Fail to act at the right  moments.
  3. Have second thoughts at the critical moment

You forget to take the necessary action. 

For example, you set the goal of drinking more water, so you say to yourself I must write down how many glasses of water I drink throughout the day. But, you keep forgetting to write it down or drink the water.

You fail to act at the right moments. 

For example, you set the goal to exercise more. You arrive to work and take the elevator instead of the stairs, you go shopping and look to park as close as possible to the door instead of further away and walking. You may also fail to act at the right moments when you are unsure of what the right action might be to achieve your goal.

You have second thoughts at the critical moment.

For example, you want to lose weight and know that cutting back on processed food and adding more fresh fruit and vegetables will help, You get home from work late look in the fridge and realise you haven’t got any fresh food to cook, You start thinking to yourself wouldn’t it be easier just to order a Domino’s pizza plus “That new Netflix show everyone is talking about is on tonight”, and I’m so tired. I think “I’ll just sit on the couch and watch TV.”

Getting Derailed Before The Goal Is Achieved.



Beginner- Never been in a gym or exercised before.

Intermediate- Exercised consistently for at least 6 months but never with a really well laid out plan that I have consistently stuck to.

Advanced- Regular Ninja that’s been training consistently for 2 years plus  with a periodised progressive program.



No idea what you’re doing or where you’re going, you just need to go somewhere that’s not here.

You have a rough idea on where you want to go, but you lack real clarity and vision

Laser focused on what you want and know the steps to get there


Less than €100


€200 +


In our pursuit of the best gym in Blackrock we’ve reviewed all of the gyms in the area and give you a idea of what to expect in and and then rate them in relation to your answers above



These type of gyms specialise in niche applications such as Pilates or Injury prevention etc



The “Commercial Gym” is what most of us think of when we picture going to the gym.

They are typically large structures with tons of equipment, group fitness rooms, pools, tennis courts, and plenty of other amenities.

In fact, that is the main draw for a lot of people. The main selling point of Box Gyms is that they have so many different things to offer and they do so at a cheaper price. The cheaper price does come with a tradeoff though.



This type of gym was made popular by Crossfit over the last 15 years or so and it’s not hard to see why these types of gyms have been popping up all over the place during that time.

People are drawn to these gyms for a few different reasons.

The most enticing draw would have to be the structure of each workout.

These gyms typically have specific class times that their members register for. When you show up, you’re greeted by your classmates and taken through a pre-planned workout by your trainer. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of fitness since you don’t have to plan your own workout.

You just show up, get sweaty, and move on with your day.



The “Boutique” Gym was created as a bridge between personal training and group fitness.

These types of gyms are typically run by an experienced fitness coach and the programming and culture reflect that.

Each Boutique Gym tends to be extremely unique. A strong counter to the corporate commercial and group training gyms.

The main draw for these types of gyms is the personal touch. At boutique gyms, you typically know the owner and he or she will be holding you accountable every step of the way.


Medfit is owned and operated by a Physio, and works very closely with a local GP clinic as such his philosophy is built off the back of that.

Medfit delivers personalised exercise to anyone that wants to achieve improvements in health, no matter their medical background. They are designed for ease of use, and an evidence based system that puts a strong emphasis on contact and 1-1 time.

What is your background?: 

Beginners. Medfits approach toward healthcare will suit the older adult or beginner well, but might not be ideal for someone who wants to train very hard.

How motivated or goal “driven” are you?: 

In Medfit you work with a coach, so this can help people identify their strengths and weaknesses and what they can do to improve.

What is your budget?: 

€200 +

Who is this good for?

The approach in Medfit is slow and steady, it’s not about dropping a dress size overnight. It is about becoming a healthier person. Shout out to older beginners, older adult and or injured people might find a happy home here.

Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. Similar to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. In Pilates the chance of injury is much lower than with other more strenuous forms of exercise. Pilates also focuses on the mind-body connection.


What is your background?: 

Beginners & intermediates. 

Due to the slow and meditative nature of pilates those hoping to achieve drastic results will need to supplement with other forms of training and nutrition


How motivated or goal “driven” are you?: 

Have a rough idea & Laser focused individuals. 

People that don’t know what they want may not get much clarity here due to not having a personalized coach (unless you pay for private)


What is your budget?: 



Who is this good for?

Pilates is a stand alone area of fitness, if you want to get better at pilates then pilates is the way forward. That said it has great use if utilized correctly, however as a stand alone method of exercise it can be somewhat limited by its lack of intensity and strengthening. 



A self professed “no nonsense gym, fully equipped with training essentials, no gimmicks, no fads, no trends”. In FCF you rent the use of the time and space in the gym and better know how to use it.


What is your background?:


How motivated or goal “driven” are you?: 

Advanced and Laser Focused. 

The very nature of commercial gyms, due to the fact that it is pay and play, tends to work best for those who know what they want and what they are doing.


What is your budget?:
Less than €100


Who is this good for?
FCF is great if you’re the sort of person who knows exactly what they’re doing and don’t mind getting stuck in and with absoluetly no frills attached. Or if you’re a student of Blackrock college that wants to go with your mates and look in the mirrors.

Ireland’s answer to Dodgeball’s “Globo-Gym”, Flyefit is a business that is doing well at the moment. There are gyms all over Dublin and spreading like wildfire around the country. What does it owe its success to? Huge gyms, packed with equipment, a massive membership base that pay very little money per person and very few active members. Their model is now shifting towards offer more classes than you can shake a stick at 



What is your background?: 


How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

Intermediate to Advanced and Laser Focused. 

As with FCF the very nature of commercial gyms, due to the fact that it is pay and play, tends to work best for those who know what they want and what they are doing. That said, Flyefit does offer beginner introduction programs and a ton of classes. But personal training will cost extra.



What is your budget?: 

Less than €100


Who is this good for?

Flyefit is still a commerical gym, despite the amount of classes they offer don’t confuse it with anything other than paying for the use of equipment. That said it is a little less intimidating than FCF and a little more plush than both FCF & Newpark

A smaller scale version of the other 2 commercial gyms on the list. NewPark is attached to the Newpark school and is the only entry on the list that has a swimming pool. It offers much of the same as the other 2 commercial gyms but with smaller gym floor and less equipment for beginners to get lost on.



What is your background?: 


How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

Intermediate and Laser Focused. 

As with FCF the very nature of commercial gyms, due to the fact that it is pay and play, tends to work best for those who know what they want and what they are doing. The reason it might not suit advanced trainees is due to the fact that their equipment is quite limited.



What is your budget?: 

Less than €100


Who is this good for?

While still a commerical gym its small size and limited equipment won’t suit people that have been around the block, this might make it a little less daunting than the other commerical gyms for the newbie or nervous person due to the fact that you won’t have big Dave lifting 200kg beside you.



The methodology of Crossfit strength & conditioning programme is built around constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity, and combines cardiovascular activities, weightlifting, and gymnastics in as many ways as possible. 

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. 



What is your background?: 

Intermediate to advanced. 

Crossfit emphasis on working hard can be a little daunting for someone that has never been in a gym before, as you’ll have people in from all walks of life training next to people that are competing at high levels of the sport. 

That said the induction process normally entails a few weeks of learning the fundamentals before you’re thrown in the deep end, so confident beginners might be alright.



How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

Have a rough idea & Laser focused individuals.

Due to the group nature of the training there can be less time to sit down and go through goal setting with a coach, so it helps to have a really solid idea of what outcome you want coming into Crossfit. That said there are plenty of highly trained staff on hand, but you’ll need to approach them to make a plan.



What is your budget?:



Who is this good for?

Crossfit is know for it’s good vibes and hard training. If you want to train your bum off and get to know some new people that also train hard then this might be a good shout. For those that like to mind their own business and not push too hard, this might be a bit much.


F45 is a fairly structured system that combines high-intensity interval workouts with functional training. 

Each franchise follows the same workout format and series of exercises and uses the same branded red, white, and blue fitness gear. In an F45 studio, you’ll see all manner of fitness tools and other equipment that is commonly used in HIIT-style workouts. Some (but not all) F45 locations have a DJ on hand to spin tunes during the workout. 

Like all workouts, there are certain elements of F45 that work well for one exerciser and don’t work as well for another.  For example, the use of video screens for exercise instruction may be very helpful for some and a drawback for others. 



What is your background?: 

Intermediate or a confident beginner

Workouts are extremely varied and constantly changing, so if you get bored of doing similar things and like novelty this might tick boxes for you. 

That said, this level of variety is not without its drawbacks, for advanced or very goal driven people that level of variety makes it very difficult to see progression from week to week as you’re always chopping and changing exercises. 



How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

Have a rough idea & Laser focused individuals.

As with Crosfit the group nature of the training there can be less time to sit down and go through goal setting with a coach, so it helps to have a really solid idea of what outcome you want.



What is your budget?:



Who is this good for?

F45 is good vibes only, high fives, funcersive (exercises picked on fun level not on impact) where everyone wears Lululemon and talks about their favourite fitness influncers. So if that’s your thing then F45 is the only place for you.

than both FCF & Newpark

Neil Bowman’s classes are designed as a cross-training workout and so that you can learn the art of boxing. Open to all levels of experience from beginners, intermediate and advanced. The classes include the usual mix of exercise equipment and machines with the inclusion of boxing bags, pad work and technique drills.


What is your background?: 


As with the previous group training intermediates will find a home here. Workouts are varied and constantly changing, but with more of a focus on boxing than on lifting weights. As with F45, constantly chopping and changing exercises might not work for your long term progression. But if you want to get a feel for boxing this is the spot for you.


How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

Have a rough idea & Laser focused individuals.

As with any group the nature of large training means there is less time to sit down and go through goal setting with a coach, so it helps to have a really solid idea of what outcome you want.



What is your budget?:



Who is this good for?

Neil is the only place in Blackrock that does boxing, so if you’re looking to work out some pempt up anger as you’re burning off the extra cals you might like it here.

An iteration that looks like Crossfit or F45 from the outside, but with smaller groups and a little more of an emphasis on having a program (which is the long term driver of progress) and smaller groups



What is your background?: 

Intermediate to entry level advanced. 

As with the previous group training offerings intermediates will find a home here. Workouts are varied but not as much as the previous group training offers, with more of a focus on a progressive programs intermediates that want more focused training can find their home here.



How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

Have a rough idea & Laser focused individuals.

As with any group the nature of large training means there is less time to sit down and go through goal setting with a coach, so it helps to have a really solid idea of what outcome you want.



What is your budget?:



Who is this good for?:

Not a bad halfway point between Crossfit & F45, the attention seems to be on more of an individual program which may yeild better results for the intermediate, but those results will come at the cost of variety and potentially fun. Great place for high fives


Educo model was derived from Dr. Tony Quinn’s original research in the area of life energy – discovering the power within People. It is said that “we can literally, at will, go from you to Super You if we can use our Unconscious Attention”. 

Educo gym are know for their drastic results and even more drastic diets


What is your background?: 

Beginner* to intermediate. 

The reason I say beginner* is because EducoGym puts a big emphasis on “Transformations” that work very well for people that have little to no experience in proper nutrition or exercise. This is done through very strict (and some might say dubious) diet regimes and quick & brutal training that doesn’t take the individual into account. 

So in short, yes it works. BUT (and this is a big ole butt) it is almost impossible to keep that transformation and it might well put you off trying again.


How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

All levels. 

As they sit you down with a coach who covers a full goal setting session and lays out a plan this can be good for those that don’t know what they want or for those that know exactly what they need. That said, those looking for performance based goals (fitness, strength etc) won’t get much in the way of training here. This is due to the fact that training is limited to the machine they have and the pre designed programs they use.

Leigh works specifically with  women and mums in south Dublin to help them drop 1 to 2 dress sizes and keep it off. Get their confidence back, and finally feel really good about themselves. So that they can get their lives back. 



What is your background?: 

Beginner to intermediate, women only. 

Leigh has built a business around working with beginners or intermediates that are struggling to lose a few lbs. If you want an environment where there are people trying to do the same, this might work well for you. However this environment might not suit you if you want to train hard and drive home some serious results or happen to be a male of the species.



How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

Haven’t a clue or have some idea of what you want.

This is the place for you. You’ll get a 1-1 sit down and help fleshing out goals, but if you want to drive hard at a target then you might not get all you seek here.



What is your budget?:



Who is this good for?:

Leigh works great for the timid beginner that might be a little self concious about working out around people. It’s an environment build for women only to help they lose a few lbs, not for people looking to lift loads or have life changing results 


In just 3 hours per week, we help people reclaim their health, lose weight and feel better so they can get more living out of life

Our philosophy
At Elite we believe in a client centered approach meaning you , your wants and your needs come first. At the heart of this approach is the three C’s:

We understand life can get a bit crazy. We believe that what you do inside the gym should add to your life rather than take away from it.
What you want is a coach that listens and understands. A coach that will give support and guidance not a drill sergeant like the dude in Full Metal Jacket.
No mirrors. No tops off. No gym bunnies. Train with people just like you and have the craic along the way. If you’re not having fun what’s the point?

What is your background?:

Beginner to advanced. 

In Elite we can cater for people from all walks of life, like people in their 50’s that need to lose 40kg due to health reasons, all to way to Olympic Gold medalists (Kelly Harrington). This is done by a principles based individual approach and a coach that gets you. 


How motivated or goal “driven” are you?

All levels.

The Elite method is a client lead coach guided approach. You will never be left on your own trying to fill in the gaps. You’ll always have acces to your very own personal coach that cares about you and your result.


What is your budget?:

€200 +

Who is this good for?:

If you budget can stretch to Elite, and you value long term life changing results… Then Elite is in a leauge of it’s own. 

Easily the best gym in Blackrock, if I say so in my humble and completed unbiased, but correct, opnion.

Not to mention that Elite Academys Award Winning Personal Trainer course. That’s right, we train the trainers & qualify them. If you go to any gym on the list there will be a multitude of Elite qualified PT’s working there.


As you can see there is no Best Gym Blakcrock, there are only different gyms just like there are different people. 


If you want to do a little exercise to stay healthy and learn how to throw a dig then Neil Bowman is your man. 


If you’re looking for a not too serious atmosphere where everyone wears lululemon and high fives then F45 will be right down your alley.


If you’re willing to subject yourself to draconian measures, find your inner “Life Energy” and to drop weight before a big event (before piling it all back on soon after) then EducoGym might be your go to.


Instead of the all-or-nothing approach, but to build healthy nutritional habits one small step at a time.

Elite is your only option with over 40 years of combined coaching experience we’ve trained people from every walk of life you can imagine so, whatever you’re struggling with, we’ve seen it all before. 

We know exactly how to meet you where you’re at and are ready to support, direct and guide you every step of the way. 

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