By Sean Redmond

Easter holidays are a mad time for most. Kids are off, routine is all over the place. Dropping Jenny to rugby camp at 9 and Jimmy to Quiddich camp at 9:30 on the other side of the city. How do you squeeze in some time for your own exercise?  


Couple that with the endless amounts of chocolate floating around the house…Which has to be eaten cause food waste is bad. And you know what, you deserve a few glasses of wine after all that. Just take the 2 weeks off, it won’t kill your progress.


And it won’t! As long as you get started again


1 - Schedule it

Pick exactly when and what you’re doing, then put it in your calendar. This makes it a priority in your week and that you make a commitment to it.

When you book a doctor, a physio, haircut or fish pedicure appointment you don’t miss it… Why should fitness be any different?

2 - Self talk

The biggest thing when starting again is not the physical obstacles (sure training is hard, more on this later). 

It’s the mental obstacles that stop you…“I haven’t been to the gym in ages, what’ll the coach say to me, I’ve gained weight, I’m not as fit, strong as I was etc”

It’s easy to focus on the perceived negatives and get caught up in a doom loop.

Take time out to reframe the self talk:

  • Instead of “I haven’t been in ages, I’m so unfit” think “I can make so much progress”
  • Instead of “What’ll my coach say” think “I looking forward to catching up with them”
  • Instead of “I’ve gained weight” think “The first few lbs are the easiest”

3 -Start easy

It’s tempting to jump back in all guns blazing trying to undo the “damage” of the over indulgence (no one wants to be the overcompensator). This might be the worst thing you can do for multiple reasons.

a) You’re gonna need to warm up into the stuff you were doing before your break. 2 weeks off will set you back a little, so you need to set your workouts back a little to meet you where you’re at.

b) You’re only as strong or as fit as you can recover from. If you have no recovery time in your first few weeks back you’ll burnout

c) It’s not an all or nothing approach. Some exercise is better than none.

So start back exercising with: 

  • Less sessions than you think
  • Less time than you think
  • Less intensity than you think (less weight, reps/sets, kms etc)
  • Trying something easier (go for a walk) 

4 - Remember how good it makes you feel

When going on Holiday people don’t focus on the journey, they focus on the destination. Unless you’re one of those people that are really into aircraft… Gotta love those Emirates Airbus A380.

With exercise sometimes you focus too much on the effort of it, not the outcome. 

When you’re deep into the workout it can suck, that said who doesn’t feel better afterwards?

It’s not uncommon to be on the struggle bus before starting, matter of fact it’s completely normal…

Take your time to refocus and remember that post-workout high. 

5 - Prep the night before

Regardless of what time you exercise, have everything prepped the day before.

Have your shoes, socks, leggins, spandex romper laid out, have your gym bag packed and ready to go. Make it as easy as possible to access.

If you train in the morning but struggle to get up, set your alarm and leave your phone across the bedroom. Put your phone under your gym gear, so you have to get up and handle your gym gear to turn it off.

If after work is your thing, leave your gym bag under your desk and set an alarm.

Remove friction and increase ease


If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.

Think about it… How many free things have you signed up for? 

Free yoga plan, free meal plan, free recipe book etc… 

How many of them went unused? 80+% I reckon

Well it’s quite simple once you commit to paying for something you’re gonna get your damned money’s worth.

So invest in your health and fitness, invest in yourself, invest in a coach.

You can even split the cost of that coach with other like minded people so that it doesn’t break the bank. That’s what we do here in Elite Gym, you get the individual approach of a coach but because you train in a semi private group.


We understand life can get a bit crazy. We believe that what you do inside the gym should add to your life rather than take away from it.


What you want is a coach that listens and understands. A coach that will give support and guidance not a drill sergeant like the dude in Full Metal Jacket


No mirrors.

No tops off.

No gym bunnies.

Train with people just like you and have the craic along the way. If you’re not having fun what’s the point?

If you need help implementing the 5 tips above we can help you out with no strings attached… Click the link below to find out more

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