This simple hack will help you effortless lose weight.


This simple hack will help you effortless lose weight.

if you’ve ever tried to get fit or lose weight you know at some point the plan will fall apart right?

So what do you do?

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” Robert Burns

Sometimes even the best plans in the world fail. The wheels come off.

Life gets in the way.

– You get sick

– The kids need you

– You lose track of time

– You miss a planned meal

– You miss a planned session

– You get caught on a work call

Unexpected situations happen all the time remember {Covid – 19}?, looking back at March 2020 who’d have believed what was about to happen? Nobody right?

And for a lot of people when one bit of a plan breaks the whole plan falls apart.

You miss a workout and it acts as a catalyst.

One missed part of the plan, lead to two and before you know it, you haven’t exercised in weeks.

 The same thing can happen with nutrition, one missed meal or a poor quality meal can snowball into a whole binge weekend.

 Over the years coaching people I’ve noticed the difference between people who get the best results and those that don’t really get any results.

Is One Thing.

Both groups fall off the wagon.

They slip up.

They bit obstacles.


The people who get back on track the fastest always get the best results.

They know obstacle will get in their way, so they plan for them in advance using this simple formula.

If Then statement

For example…

  • If I eat fast food for lunch, then I’ll stop by the shops and buy some vegetables for dinner.
  • If I miss my morning walk, then I won’t turn on the TV until I do a walk at night.
  • If my meeting runs over and I don’t have time to workout this afternoon, then I’ll wake up early tomorrow and run.


The “if–then” strategy gives you a clear plan for overcoming the unexpected stuff, which means it’s less likely that you’ll be swept away by the urgencies of life.


You can’t control when little emergencies happen to you, but you don’t have to be a victim of them either.


Give the if …. then strategy a go today and let me know how it goes.

If you find motivation an issue this might help. https://elite-gyms.ie/why-motivation-doesnt-work-and-how-to-leverage-science/

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