“My hamstrings used to hurt after one round of golf. That doesn’t happen anymore”

“My hamstrings used to hurt after one round of golf. That doesn’t happen anymore”

Discover how men in Blackrock are Getting Rid of Aches & Pains so they hit the ball further & Get More Living Out of Life.

Everybody, from amateurs to pro tour players, wants to hit the ball further. Right?

We’re all seeking more distance, well at the very least, 5 yards more than your golf buddy, even if it’s just to see the look on their face when you outdrive them.

That’s what we want.

But unlocking that extra few yards? Well, that’s another conversation.

If you ask your local golf pro down the club, how to drive the ball further? 

He’ll gladly coach you on; centre contact, swing speed, and shaft lean, all while selling you a new set of clubs (you probably don’t need but buy anyway) cause you desperately want to play more, and better, golf. 

It’s what we do, isn’t it?

We want the “hack”. The shortcut, and we pay handsomely for it.  

Last time I counted there’s a “bazillion” blogs video’s and training articles on how to achieve a longer hand arc, sequencing, tempo, etc. 

You’ve heard it all before

But there’s one major thing, I don’t see anyone talking about

And it has the power to transform anyone’s game faster than the babysitters boyfriend when your car pulls up outside.

All without having to invest 1000’s

Into the latest set of clubs or hiring a new golf coach.

In fact there’s a simple way to discover the true power you’re capable of without any extra equipment. Not only will it transform your swing…

It’ll make drastic improvements to your stamina 

So you can drive the last shot of the day as far and as effortlessly as the first and, still be able for more.


...all of this was discovered by accident.

Complete fluke you could say. I didn’t set out to do this at all.

But that doesn’t stop you being able to benefit from it. Starting from today.

Ready? Good. Onwards;

Let me tell you how I came across this little discovery;

Over more than a decade I’ve been coaching people over the age of 40 in Blackrock to reclaim their health and fitness so they get more living out of life.

And that last bit; the whole “get more living out of life” bit, that can have a different meaning for everyone, ye know? For some people that’s golf, others it’s endurance type sport, for someone else just being able to enjoy the garden without being in pain.

But the mechanisms by which we do this are very similar. First we find out what their priority is. And in this case it’s;


Play golf better and specifically hit the ball further and more often.

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 13.34.20

I’ve nothing against commercial gyms, but they weren’t for me they don’t work for me, But then this isn’t any normal gym



How we do this is simple;

We pinpoint the key performance factors which in the case of a golf swing comes down to;

  1. Strength
  2. Mobility/Stability
  3. Injury prevention


The reason you can’t hit the ball as far as you could? Is hiding in one of these areas

And there isn’t a single set of golf clubs on earth that can fix this.

It’s no secret that almost every tour player is in the gym working out. Lots of them travel with their fitness coaches or have their customized workout programs.

So it makes sense to model that success.

That’s exactly what we worked on with Mark.

Here’s the 3 areas in particular that yielded the best results for Mark;

1. Strength:

We found a baseline for his strength in the areas that matter. Then we made a plan to improve this over time

He felt the difference within a matter of weeks

And I’m not talking about bodybuilder stuff here or, lifting massive weights.

What I’m saying is we gradually improved his whole body strength so he improved his overall capacity.

Strength is lowest hanging fruit when it comes to improving your drive and stamina.

Think of it like this;

Strength is like having a bigger wine glass. You know what that means? It holds more wine. That’s always a good thing, right?

And so it is with strength, having more of it means you have a greater capacity to do work, normal day tasks become super easy as you expend less of your capacity to perform them and you can tap into way more power on the course.

They key to discovering more strength and power delivery so you hit that ball further starts with finding out where your baseline is right now and making a tailored plan to improve it.

Put simply your training must be tailored to you, your body, and your goal.

2. Mobility/stability

When I was in my 20’s I’d have laughed at you if you said the word “yoga”

All that “bendy” stuff was for “doods” with long hair, scruffy beards, and gluten free barefoot shoes.

Then something mad happened;

I hit 30, then the wrong side of 35 and one day I heard myself make that noise my dad does when he bends down to pic stuff up and, I realised; we all need to do more bendy stuff.

My clients are exactly the same;

Simply because we spend way too long in flexed postures at the desk, in the car, and over time that restricts mobility, causing them to become stiff, even sore.

Now when it comes to golf there’s some key areas;



Mobile shoulders means you have more range of motion to express your strength through. And that means (yep you guessed it) – instant improvements in your drive.

That’s the crazy thing we discovered when we improved Marks shoulder mobility

Not only did his posture improve, but his swing felt “free-er” and most importantly; he drove the ball further.

If you have pain or niggles in your shoulders no more explanation is necessary. Just know that it can be remedied and will improve when using the correct approach

If you don’t feel pain?

But want to know a way to check your own shoulder mobility is to reach overhead and notice if you feel restrictions or if you arch your back excessively to get your arms straight overhead.


Hips: Sitting while driving, at the office, or at home creates tightness and stiffness in the hips.

Then when you want them to contribute to that drive and grant you the movement necessary to connect to the ball with that beautiful “click” they refuse to work. 

A simple hip mobility routine was created for Mark

Designed to release tightness and to activate muscles that were dormant to regain the mobility he needed to open up the hips and discover the power they could generate unhindered.

A simple way to find out if your hips are tight?

Is to take notice of how you feel when you stand up from prolonged sitting

Do they feel “tight” or does it cause stiffness or pain in the lower back which is a common symptom of tight hips.


As the saying goes power is nothing without control.

And that’s where stability comes in. Core stability is what we want.

But if you do traditional core training? You know planks and all that jazz.

Well you’re not training the body how it moves in a swing; which is a rotational translation of force. I don’t see anyone talking about and much less working on this area.

Adding rotational mobility, stability and rotational power “stuff” to Marks programme was a game changer.

It one of the biggest key factors missing from the conversation and results can be seen in as little as a couple of sessions with focus on this area.


What do you get if you put these two together

Well, you don’t get injured ‘cause you’re a more robust human

Which means you get to do more of the cool stuff you like to do

And that brings me neatly back to the first point which is how we help people get more living out of life.

See, for me, it’s not so much about what we do in the gym. It’s more about how doing that gyms stuff? Helps us live a more fulfilling life outside of it.

And you’re definitely going to get the most out of the place that you feel most comfortable in cause you’ll turn up more when you ”gel” with the people and the coach in the right gym

It’s like Mark says in the video;

There’s really Only 3 things that are important when choosing the right place for you....

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 13.56.56

The connection I have with the coaches makes me love coming here and I never thought in a million years i’d say that about a gym




Heading to “Globo-gym” without a plan or knowing what you’re doing can be a disaster for the people we work with, because they don’t want to be judged by gym bunnies in their tank tops taking Instagram selfies.


You’ve got to have a programme tailored to you. 

Because you can’t train in your 40’s like you did in your 20’s. 

You also need a coach who will really listen and understands because your goals, your abilities and, your priorities are what’s most important when it comes to making the progress you want and, at the speed you’re ready to make it. 


You’ve got to be in the right environment. 

If you’re surrounded by people just like you and on the same journey as you, you’ll have more support, more craic, and ultimately go further.

If you’d like to try the experience Mark had for yourself to see if it would work for you

I’d love to extend and offer of a 28 day trial of Personal Training at Elite Gym so you can see for yourself.

Click the button below to begin;

Jay Kane…


elite gym

✅ 1-2-1 Consultation. So we find out exactly what you need and want in terms of your health and fitness.

✅ Two 1-2-1 PT sessions, So you get the full support of a coach when starting your fitness

✅ A specific program built around your needs/wants and ability.

✅ 28 days of coaching in our private gym in Blackrock

✅ Access to over 30 small group sessions, so you can book what time is convenient for you.

✅ Nutrition support that meets you where you are at. Nobody wants to give up what they enjoy or live on chicken and broccoli for weeks.

✅ Train alongside people just like you, experience training in a small group, with individualised coaching and attention.

Jason Kane

Jason Kane

Im Jay, and I've been coaching for over 13 years now and I've trained people from every walk of life you can imagine so, whatever you’re struggling with, I've seen it all before. I know exactly how to meet you where you’re at and I'm ready to support, direct and, guide you every step of the way.

Brilliant gym!

Not like big commercial gyms that just want your money. Coaches are bang on and help you in every way. Nutrition, workouts even with injuries From losing the weight to toning and bulking up these guys get great pleasure in getting you your results. Highly recommended

Nev O'Rourke
Full Time Ninja

This is not your ‘normal’ gym.

These guys are well educated, highly engaged and pride themselves on their coaching and support. They tailor plans to the individual, review goals on an ongoing basis and are always on hand to support and advise. Cannot recommend highly enough!

David Reynolds
Partner Deloitte

with me every step of the way..

(The team at Elite) with words of encouragement, advice, positivity. I've just hit my weight loss goal of >10kg. I feel so much better in lots of ways, stronger (already), more energy, less tired. You may be sceptical about these things (as I was before), but if you put your trust in it, be honest with yourself, and more importantly, make yourself accountable, you CAN do it, as I did. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!!!

Kieran Halton
Canoe Pilot
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