Cutting the grass with the house on fire…

Cutting the grass with the house on fire…

Here’s the adventure we are going on, over the next 5 minutes I’ll show you…


  1. How not to miss the forest for the trees.
  2. How to escape the jam jar and see what you can’t see.
  3. Why you should avoid behaving like “Debbie Detail & Blinker Bob.
  4. Three questions you must be able to answer for long term sustainable results.
  5. How TAYTO {the crisp we all love} pull the wool over your eyes without you knowing.

Intrigued? I bet you are.


3 -2 -1 Let get stuck in…

Cutting the grass with the house on fire...

Is an expression I use to describe clients who miss the big picture.


This might be with nutrition, like worrying about artificial sweeteners when you don’t eat vegetables.  


It might be worrying about the “Best Exercise For{Insert body part}” when you can’t consistently train for 2-3 weeks.


Or worrying about the best meditation app when you can’t get more than 5 hours of sleep and are always stressed.



They totally miss the big picture.


Put out the fire first and get the basics solid before moving on.


When I meet a new client, they have all kinds of questions at first


And as we start working together they usually have even more questions.


If they are analytical and like details, like accountants and people in finance, they might have questions like:


“I had two cups of carrots, I calculated that as 18 grams of carbs. Does that still mean I’m low carb? What about three cups of carrots?”


“Is it OK to skip eating vegetables if I drink three greens supplement drinks a day?”


“How do you feel about coffee? Is coffee bad? What about green tea?”


“I’ve stopped losing weight. Should I eat 6 meals a day to kick-start my metabolism?”


“Are 6 meals better than 3 meals to build muscle?”


“Is brown rice better than white rice?”


“Is it OK to have two packets of TAYTO Treble Crunch because they are light instead of normal TAYTO? They’re only 99 calories, so that’s OK, right?”


Can you relate, to any of these questions?


Let’s look at that last question in a little more detail.

TAYTO Treble Crunch 99 Cals per 20g bag, Normal TAYTO 184 cals per 35g bag.


Now for the mathematically inclined reader you might be thinking hold on a minute, those numbers look a little fishy.


Yes my friend, You are right… they do.


If you are confused let me explain.

Basically when you adjust for bag size there is only 5.7% difference in the calories between these two types of TATYO.


One might come across as healthy, lower in calories and the other unhealthy higher in calories.


I call this kind of thinking cutting the grass while your house is on fire — you’re not addressing the most important issues.


It’s easy to do. 


There is so much nutrition information out there, and so many products that promise you “rapid fat loss” or “6 minute abs”


We can all get lost in details, or focused on the wrong things right?

Debbie Detail & Blinker Bob

I once had a client Debbie who was over 18 stone and her main worry was her “milky coffee” Let’s be totally honest, The “milky coffee” wasn’t the issue.


Another client Bob was over 22 stone and obsessed about measuring, and using MyFitnessPal yet totally neglected his consumption of 5-6 bottles of wine over the weekend.

The Internet Age has produced a new breed of client: “Debbie Detail & Blinker Bob”


Debbie Detail & Blinker Bob are the folks who worry about everything from BPA in their water bottles to the carb grams in parsnips.


– They’ve rarely met a health bandwagon they didn’t want to jump on.

– They tend to be affluent and highly educated.

– They tend to like to add complexity rather than simplify things.

– They tend to be look for “the magic answer” or “the perfect plan“. If they could just figure out that ideal combination of rules, workout programming, and dietary restrictions… they’d be so happy! All their problems would go away! They would live forever!

– They use language like “biohacking”, “optimising” or “detoxing”.


Not surprisingly, fear, anxiety, OCD and perfectionism are their usual co-pilots.


If I told them “perfectionism” was the problem they’d laugh at me. 


They are missing the forest for trees 

You can often recognise the “Debbie Detail & Blinker Bob” by their extensive list of supplements they take, or their characteristic mating call:“I know, I know.”


In my experience, I’ve found that “Debbie Detail & Blinker Bob” knew (or thought they knew) what they should be doing, but couldn’t do it consistently.


They’d often try to be “perfect” or go on 30-day-transformation, and then “fall off the wagon” spectacularly.


This cycle led to a lot of frustration, self-criticism, and of course, poor results.


They frequently described themselves as “exercise addicts” or identified heavily with the type of diet or exercise program they follow:


  • “I’m paleo”
  • “I’m vegan”
  • “I’m a triathlete”
  • “I’m a crossfitter”
  • “I’m low carb or keto”

This made them prone to trying all kinds of new fads in the name of better health and fitness.


Unfortunately, without clear-sighted nutrition coaching they were lost in the wilderness, pilling together half-assed eating and supplement protocols, holding it all together with frantic blog reading, Guru seeking, and sets of burpees.


Put the fire out first my friend 


Remember for any goal… getting fit, tone up, lose weight, build muscle, you must answer these questions.


  1. What do I do?
  2. What do I do… next?
  3. How do I do that consistently?

If you struggle or are unsure you might need a coach.

My advice don’t worry about supplements, perfection, “the best” or fiddly details, if you don’t have the basics right, or if you can’t do them consistently 80–90% of the time.



And if that house is on fire  in other words, if you have crucial limiting factors — start here answer simple yes/no questions and in 60 seconds you’ll see how you score in 3 critical areas if you want to look feel and perform better.


Once we’ve identified your low hanging fruit, we email you your score, report and recommendations you can start actioning straight away.

Fit For Life Score Card

The problem for most people they just don’t know what they don’t know. 


They have no perspective or outside eye {a coach} to help them.


The benefits of coaching are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more (source: ICF 2009).


Coaching is Coaching


Wether it’s personal, professional or health and fitness related


If you’re thinking you might be ready to get some help with your health and fitness, the next step is very simple 


Click “Learn More” below and book a 10 minute no strings attached phone consultation with one of the team.


By the end of the call we’ll know exactly what’s holding you back, where you want to get to and the best plan/path to take you there.


And if we’re a good if to work together we’ll invite you into the gym to start working the plan.

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