5 Best Places to Eat for Weight Loss in Blackrock

5 Best Places to Eat for Weight Loss in Blackrock

By Sean Redmond

Eating out is one of lifes ultimate pleasures and weight loss is one of life’s greatest struggles. What if I told you with a little preparation and smart choices they can go hand in hand. 

You’re trying so desperately to lose weight yet the weekly work lunch fills you with dread & leaves you worried about wrecking all your progress and ending up back off worse than when you started. So you say screw it an order the full works with a second helping of nutella and bacon pancakes.

You’re not alone and it’s something we hear regularly from our clients, the easy answer would be for us to tell you to avoid eating out all together, but that’s not realistic. Your friends and family will want to do lunch at some stage and you’d be way off the mark to self impose some isolation for the sake of slight blip in your weight loss journey

So what Elite gym has done is prepared the best 5 options in Blackrock for healthy eating that allows you to eat out and still lose weight… And as a bonus how to make the rest of your day work towards that goal… So you could maybe even squeeze in that scone afterwards. 

The best 5 options in Blackrock for healthy eating that allows you to eat out and still lose weight

Camile is one of Ireland’s largest Thai takeaway chains, so even if you don’t live in blackrock you’ll be able to eat here. Due to their size and reach they can print all of the calories on menus and websites. Which removes all the guesswork here. Here’s our 2 top options

Spicy Dan Dan Noodles with Chicken

  • Cals: 509
  • Price €7.99


Dry-style wok noodle dish. A satisfying mix of wok fried fresh veg (leeks, carrots, onions) and chicken cooked in chilli paste, then tossed in egg noodles and coated in our addictive spice bag seasoning.


  • It’s got all essential food groups in one handy package. With veg and protein to help keep you fuller for longer
  • It’s got a little kick to it
  • Low cals for a filling meal


  • Rice noodles can be a little heavy on the digestive system
  • Not as much veg as I would like
  • A little on the dry sider

Rating: ⅘ woks

It’s relatively low in cals, it is quite filling and great value. It’s dryness holds it back from a perfect mark

Pad King Prawn

  • Cals: 250 on its own or  add ½ portion of jasmine rice (232 cals) for a total of 482
  • Price €15.50


A ginger, mushroom and greens stir-fry with plump prawns.


  • It’s so low in cals and so high in veg and flavor it beggars belief
  • Can add pretty much any side and still fit it without wrecking progress


  • Obviously I shouldn’t have to say this, but hey it’s 2023 and common sense isn’t that common… But there is a selfish allergy warning due to the prawns
  • Cost, one of the most expensive dishes on the menu

Rating 4.5/5 prawns

It’s so bloody good, flavor, veg content, prawns, sauce, cals… But it’s price causes it to lose half a point

Zambrero is another takeaway chain, so even if you don’t live in blackrock you’ll be able to eat here. 

While they don’t have cals on the menu calories on menus or websites. I have done some extensive (and delish) research. Which involved me ordering food and deconstructing the burrito to weigh things out and pestering the staff with tons of questions about cooking. 

And cross referenced it with MyFitnessPal’s app.

Classic Chikito

  • Cals: Depends on the build
  • Price €7

Here is the build we recommend:

  • – 196 cals- A slightly smaller wrap (10’ instead of 12’) reduces around 100 cals)
  • White Rice- 56 cals
  • Chicken- 147 cals
  • Cheese- 79 cals
  • Sour Cream- 63 cals
  • Corn Salsa- 11 cals
  • Lettuce- 12 cals
  • Total: 501 cals


  • It’s a good sized feed 
  • You can customise, want to save some cals get no chees or rice and extra veg. Can add pinto beans or refried beans for around 50 cals
  • Serious value for money


  • Honestly not as nice as the other burrito offerings around, it can be a little on the bland side
  • Due to the fact it’s build your own some servers put more or less food in. So unless you want to be a weirdo like me and pull it apart to weight things it could be 20% more or less cals.

Rating: ⅗ Tacos

While it’s serious value for money and not bad on the cals I only rate this 3 as it’s not the tastiest. And the issue with measurements being slightly different leaves some guess work

Lazy Days is a great spot, it’s out of the village near the Smurfit business school. The staff and owner are all super chilled and love a good chin wag. The food is good, only issue is due to it’s size and nature it can be a little difficult to manage cals. That said they have a super safe and consistent option that works for most people

Poached Egg, Tomato + Brown or White toast: €6.95

Simple & delish. We used white bread, 1 pat of butter (spread it thing folks) and 1 TBSP of relish.

Cals: 428

  • 176 Bread
  • 156 Eggs
  • 36 Butter
  • 25 Tomato (1 medium)
  • 35 Relish


  • Eggs and bread, who doesn’t love that?
  • Staff are all really cool and friendly
  • Great place to sit and watch the world go by
  • Value for money…. You barely get a coffee for €6.95 in Dublin these days


  • Being left to manage your own butter & relish can be a dangerous game
  • The amount of delish looking sweet treats really tests your will power when paying
  • Not much veg to fill you up so can be a little “munchie” after

Rating: ⅘ perfectly poached eggs

Lazy days is a great spot to get some simple and wholesome food, more veg would really send elevate this rating as the servings size is probably the smallest on the list.

Walking into the Blackrock market is the real challenge here. With tons of delish food options it’s very hard to keep the blinkers on and head straight to Shaka Poké, but I promise once you get there you won’t be disappointed. This place is big on flavor, high on freshness and variety yet low on calories

One thing to note is that it was hard for us to measure accurately when we got food from here. Due to the slight variance in the server’s portion sizes and sauces were almost impossible to measure. So we have overestimated everything.

Build you own bowl: €11.50

Base: 120 Cals 

90g Rice & 90g Zoodles

  • Brown rice & zoodles. This is a 50:50 mix of rice & zucchini cut to look like noodles. You can swap for spinach or get rid of rice completely, but we liked the mix

Poké: 85 Cals

  • 110g Hake- Lowest calories of the lot (and I hate salmon)

Toppings: 80 Cals

  • 50g Red Cabbage, 40g Pineapple & 40g Edamame

Free topping: 29 Cals

  • 20g Pickled ginger
  • Sauce: 40 cals (balsamic) – 100 cals (Shaka sauce which is honey mustard) This can make or break things. I was unable to get an accurate weight of the sauce (as it is on everything) and the folks that worked there said they just cover it in sauce when asked.

All in: 315-375 (ish) cals


  • WOW this is a flavorful meal…. It’s freshness and variety of ingredients are the real winner. So much going on
  • 100% customisable, want a more calories to fill you? You got it! Want to have even less cals than 315? You also got it!


  • Price, one of the more expensive ones on the list. This is probably due to the quality and freshness of ingredients
  • Walking through Blackrock market is a test of will power
  • Portion control can be difficult, no 2 bowls are built exactly the same

Rating: 4.75/5 Poké’s

Shaka Poké offers so much variety and filling delishness that it’s hard to beat, yes the price tag is high and you can’t be 100% sure of the cals… But if you play it smart 70-80% of the bowl can be filling fruit and veg and the rest is only a small part of the puzzle.

5. McDonalds

You must think I’ve lost my mind… McDonalds is the worst of the worst surely, it’s known all over the world as the go to fast fast…I’m trying to prove a point rather than telling you to go line Ronald McDonals pockets, so hear me out….It’s actually possible to get a low calorie meal in McDonalds. 

Is it gonna fill you up?…Probably not…Is it gonna hit all nutritional needs? Definitely not…Is it delicious and convenient? Most definitely!

Cheeseburger and small Chips:  €4.40

Cals: 535


I’ve explained all the others, so I may as well take a stab at this. A cheese burger is a slab of fried beef, kept company by a slice of cheese in between 2 slices of bread. Chips and cut up deep fried potatoes.


  • Price
  • Convenience

Cons: (here we go)

  • It’s so bloody ‘moreish’. Even thinking about McDonalds makes me hungry. I can never be satisfied when I eat there… So I buy more.
  • It’s so processed that a lot of the nutrients could have been lost in the process.
  • Bankrolling, Ronald McDonald. Who has been instrumental in proliferating the accessibility and consumption of calorie-dense, nutritionally deficient food products, thereby contributing significantly to the broader public health issue of obesity.

Winner: Shaka Poké

So why did I include McDonalds?

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Yes it is possible to eat there and lose weight… So don’t stress if it’s your only option. But there are better ways to eat on the go and lose weight. Ways that will leave you fuller for long, hit your nutritional needs and still taste delish…

Here are 5 top tips to keeping the cals in check no matter where you eat

It really doesn’t matter where you eat out, you can be somewhat more mindful and health conscious and as a result not blow your daily calorie allowance.

  1. Pick something with loads of fruit or veg. The fiber content will slow down digestion and keep you fuller for longer not to mention fill your stomach with lows vitamins and mineral so you can fit less of the bad stuff in
  2. Pick a leaner and less processed protein. Think chicken, turkey, white fish, prawns.  Avoid excessively fatty meats (pork chop, lamb etc)
  3. Avoid fried foods. Chips, onion rings etc are a pit for calories, they will blow your allowance in a matter of a handful or 2. If possible pick something like boiled rice, mash potatoes, baked potato etc
  4. Stay hydrated. Did you know that dehydration signals are often confused with hunger signals? Make sure to keep on top of your hydration before and during the meal out
  5.  Don’t throw the toys out of the pram…. If you slip up and end up eating literal rings around yourself don’t let that become the beginning of the end. Wipe the chocolate sauce off your face, pick your head out of the ice cream bowl and get back on track with your next meal. 1 slip up won’t ruin your weight loss journey, so stop acting like it’s an all or nothing approach.


Well that’s what we recommend anyway, and it’s worked for thousands of our clients in the last 13 years. Only by educating people and freeing them of stigmas around food can we help people make better choices and course correct to become happier, healthier and leaner versions of themself.

If you want help with that…..

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